Governor of Poker 2 app Available for iPhone and Android

 governor-of-poker2-AppGet ready for one of the best online poker games you have ever encountered. Governor of Poker is a multi-level poker game and video game mixed into one. Traverse the towns of the Wild West picking off your opponents in different establishments found in each of the towns; while building up a fierce reputation.

On your journey, you’ll have the chance to build up your Texas Hold’em poker reputation in the surrounding towns as well as build a huge bankroll of cash so you can buy houses and the latest fashion items as you gain big bucks that allows you to splash out and build an empire through your poker skills.

Learn how to spot a bluffer and pick up tells other player have as you discover each new town and establishment. If you have a nose for poker, soon enough you’ll have a large enough bankroll to sit with the big guns at the highest stakes games in town.

In the Wild West you are the Governor of Poker

The setting is in the Wild West back in the days when poker was a cut throat game played amongst cowboys and businessmen alike. You are the Governor of Poker and it is up to you to bring in the riches and build up your empire by playing your favourite hobby of poker to get you there.

This version of the game is a single player game. You are a lone poker guru that needs to traverse the American outback visiting casinos and saloons where you can join any number of low to high stakes poker games going on in the town in order to build up your riches.

Build up your reputation by becoming a renowned poker player on the road

As you become known as one of the sharpest card sharks in town, you’ll be scaring the fish and sending them on their way as your poker skills outshine theirs. By building up your reputation count through multiple wins and huge stashes of cash, you could become the Wild West’s real Governor of Poker.

With a high reputation count, poker players from all around will begin to recognise you as a skilful poker player. Being the Governor means you will be able to bully your foe out of big pots as you make those big bluffs that start to pull off more and more as your rep starts to gain speed. However, be careful, because some players just can’t fold; while on occasion others will not respect your reputation level enough to fold to a big bluff.

You’ll also come across others with an equally as fierce reputation as yourself and learn how to deal with these better players as your adventure continues.

Becoming a skilful poker player is not just about your ability to fold or bluff in Governor of Pokers – other skills will prevail

Look out for tells coming from the tourists and the fish that are easy to bluff. Some players just can’t help betting or calling on every hand giving you a chance to trap them with a big hand and take all their cash. In this game, it really does pay to keep your eyes peeled for tells and on players using bad habits. In all poker is these players that stand out as targets ready for you to pounce on their loose play.

In fact, this is one of the most realistic sides to this game. Each time you sit at a new table, you will be up against players with different skills sets. All you need to do is act like a pro and learn how to keep your cool, try not tilt when a player gets lucky and to stay calm in order to crack the game and make tonnes of cash.

Skip from town to town playing in different establishments with higher returns or lower stakes to suit your financial situation

When you begin the game, you will be travelling between towns as an unknown looking for the easiest low stakes games to visit and win your cash. Visit the towns of Elpasso and Amerillo as well as many others where there will always be a cash game or tournament underway waiting for you to join in one of the local casinos or saloons.

To get between the towns, all you need to do is hop on the train and chuff away and visit the next town where you’ll learn more about the players in that town and how easy or difficult each table is to crack.

Look the part when you turn up to the games by buying your own outfits with your winnings and become a property tycoon as you start really hit the big numbers in bankroll’

Wear different hats and clothing by spending your poker money on the good things in life. You can even buy houses as you start to build up your cash flow. However, beware because if you already have a loan, the bank won’t let you buy any property and could end up chasing you down for their cash if you don’t turn things around!

In addition to dressing like a high roller, buying property is another exciting side to this game. Property gives you super status in the areas you travel, and gives you a place to stay or sell should you need the money to enter into a big cash or high stakes tournament.

Getting loans from the bank’

If you start to run low on cash, there is always a loan option available from the bank. Alternatively, if times are hard, you can always sell your outfits back to the store at a reduced rate or sell your house so you can enter into a big poker game that has been advertised around the towns or pay off the bank.

Virtual Gameplay at the Table

When you are sat at the virtual poker tables, game play is just as easy as traversing the towns and managing your finances:

Table Features You Can Control:

  • Turn on/off poker tips
  • Turn on/off Music
  • Turn on/off Effects
  • Turn on/off Voices
  • Control the speed of the game
  • Automatically pause hands
  • Play in full screen


Luckily the designers if Governor of Poker realised that there are a lot of players on a global scale that love poker. With that, they have included a huge number of languages, so you are likely to find a language setting that you can understand in order to play this amazing virtual poker mission based game.

Why Play Governor of Poker?

Governor of Poker is a great game if you travel to many different games or play online poker in real life. It teaches you several aspects of poker that many people miss. Learn to control your bankroll and enter into the right games that suit your bankroll. Discover tells certain players have so you can make some more easy cash and gain a nose for bluffs. And of course, improve your poker skills by practising your moves in different levels of the game.

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